01. I sure hope this movie is good; it's certainly gotten a lot of [hype].
02. If you [hype] something too much, it can backfire because people develop unrealistic expectations.
03. The awards show wasn't very impressive after all the [hype] it received.
04. The movie certainly was a disappointment after all the [hype] saying it had the best special effects of any film so far this year.
05. A popular local businessman is being [hyped] as a possible candidate for governor.
06. In spite of all the [hype], when we actually heard the band, we were disappointed. They're not very good.
07. I was a bit skeptical of the book after all the [hype] it got, but it was surprisingly good.
08. The reunion of the band is being [hyped] as the musical event of the year.
09. You don't need to listen to the [hype] about this band because they're the real thing, the best rockers to come out of England in the last five years.
10. The President is expected to [hype] his government's economic successes during the election campaign, while trying to downplay its poor performance in dealing with social issues.
11. The recent [hype] surrounding the corporation's successes with its cancer-fighting drugs has resulted in a sharp increase in the value of its shares on the stock market.
12. All the media [hype] concerning the young hockey superstar seems to have only encouraged him to do better.
13. This government did its best to [hype] the danger that the Iraqi government posed by suggesting it had weapons of mass destruction, which it did not.
14. The band will be going on a world tour to [hype] its newest CD.
15. Victor Kiam once observed that you can [hype] a questionable product for a little while, but you'll never build an enduring business with it.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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